Expert Testimony & Consulting

Our Experts

SLCG's testifying experts, Dr. McCann (UCLA PhD, 1989), Dr. O'Neal (U Florida PhD, 1993), and Mr. Meyer (U St Thomas MA, 1974) have testified in state and federal court and in NASD, NYSE, JAMS and AAA arbitrations. Their state and federal court testimony dealt with shareholder losses due to securities fraud, the value of securities received in private party transactions, the prudence of trust management, brokerage industry sales practices, suitability and damages. The arbitrations included disputes over the suitability of investment recommendations, concentrated positions, churning, unauthorized or excessive trading and margin violations as well as the value of securities received in private party transactions.

Dr. McCann is a former academic, SEC economist and Big-5 consultant. Dr. O'Neal is a former academic and SEC economist. Mr. Meyer is a former broker, branch manager and regional officer in the retail securities industry. In addition to their extensive academic, government and industry experience, Dr. McCann, Dr. O'Neal, and Mr. Meyer have many years or experience in large complex litigation. They have published widely and spoken frequently on the critical issues in many of your cases.